What is a romans 12 disciple?
A Romans 12 Disciple lives a fully surrendered and transformed life to Christ and is passionate about things of the Lord. Authentic discipleship is about developing a caring concern and a genuine love for others through modeling Christ-like attitudes and behavior.  Biblical discipleship requires a believer to get out of the box of traditional thinking and seek new ways to communicate God’s Word and love to a culture that has become hostile to things of the Lord.

One of the most daunting questions facing Christian churches today is how to inspire, encourage, and equip people to fulfill The Great Commission
Matt. 28…Go make disciples.

If you are seeking answers to this question and desire to find biblical solutions on how to make authentic disciples we can help.
Discover new ways to explore and survey God’s Word with innovative and provocative disciple-making resources.
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Books, events, and messages offer a fresh approach based on theologically sound principles and resources that equip men to better understand and apply biblical truths and develop a passion for making disciples. In today’s language, discipleship, would best be described as Spiritual Mentoring.

Dr. James (Jim) Grassi is an award-winning author, communicator, outdoorsman, former pastor and television co-host. Jim has presented hundreds of biblically based messages and programs around the world to develop spiritual mentors who want to fulfill The Great Commission (Matt. 28).
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  Romans: 12Disciple Series Books and Messages


Dr. Grassi’s books and messages are carefully crafted to be relevant about the issues men face today while clearly communicating the Word of God. His resources are excellent guides for Bible study groups or as a way to empower the men of your church.


Two of his books received the Silver Angel Award and one of his books,
Guts, Grace and Glory
received the coveted Hallmark branding.


Dr. Grassi’s resources are “an outstanding contribution that will assist churches with biblical thinking, practical tools, and innovative resources that empower men while challenging them to become disciple-making mentors.”

-Jim Putman, Pastor and Author of Discipleshift

“With insight, humor, and gripping personal stories, Jim demystifies the frequently intimidating subject of mentor-ship. Contained in his latest work The Spiritual Mentor,  Jim helps us gain a fresh vision for how a person can step up and begin to mentor someone else.”

– Dr. Phil Downer President, Discipleship Network of America

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