Book Reviews

Building a Ministry of Spiritual Mentoring is an outstanding contribution that will assist churches with biblical thinking, practical tools, and innovative resources that empower men while challenging them to become disciple-making mentors.”
− Senior Pastor Jim Putman, Real Life Ministries/Discipleshift

“I read your book (The Spiritual Mentor) and found it to be a thoroughly convincing argument for activating men to respond to the serious challenges that we face in the church today.”
− Senior Pastor Mike Hicks Avon, NY

“But what I love about this book (Guts, Grace and Glory) is that Jim adds the missing piece to the old adage. He understands the need for guts if you are going to achieve glory, but he also shares with us the most essential component to living with both: grace…I believe that in reading this book you will be entertained, but more importantly you will be inspired and encouraged to seek glory by living your life with guts.”
− Kurt Warner. Former Super Bowl MVP

“Our men’s small group just finished reading and discussing The Spiritual Mentor. We found the book to be challenging, informative and very practical. The stories and illustrations are captivating, giving insight into principles and techniques of discipleship. As fathers and grandfathers, we want to first be a positive influence on our families and then on others with whom we come in contact. This book has raised the level of our awareness of the responsibility and opportunity to serve God in fulfilling the most important directive given us by our Lord: to make disciples. Thank you for sharing your insight and experiences with us.”
− Pastor Norm Thomas, Spokane Valley Assembly

“With insight, humor, and gripping personal stories, Jim demystifies the frequently intimidating subject of mentorship in The Spiritual Mentor and helps us gain a fresh vision for how a person can step up and begin to mentor someone else.”
− Dr. Phil Downer – President, Discipleship Network of America

“There are some great stories and great truths…really good use of scriptures in the right context. I believe The Spiritual Mentor will be used of God to further His Kingdom! Great Job! – I’m buying a case to hand out to my friends.”
− Cliff Mort, Developer