man book crossOn February 17 Brandon Aldridge and I had the opportunity to present a leadership equipping seminar to a group of Pacific Northwest pastors and men’s ministry leaders. The presentation was based on the most recent (MMC) Men’s Ministry Catalyst Leadership Workbook.  The Workbook and associated Power Point Presentation are designed to guide pastors and lay-leaders on how to develop and maintain a vibrant ministry to men. Churches utilizing the MMC model better understand how to encourage, equip, and assist men in becoming authentic disciples of our Lord.  The post-conference evaluation confirmed that the presentation resonated with those who attended.  The workbook is available through the MMC website (  The MMC team is equipped and available to partner with your church or men’s group in developing a dynamic men’s ministry program and curriculum.

Our on-going mentoring of pastors who desire to rally their men to become authentic disciples of our Lord is an essential aspect of our ministry.  We appreciate the positive comments we are receiving from those individuals who are using our Romans 12 Disciple books and resources.  Please click here to view the available Romans 12 resources.

If you live in the Post Falls, ID area you are invited to attend our Thursday men’s group meeting. We meet every Thursday at noon in the Outpatient Surgery Hospital meeting room.  We are currently studying our latest book Finishing Well – Finishing Strong.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to make new friends and grow in your faith. For more information about the group meetings, please contact us.

~In His Service, Jim Grassi (Founder/President)