Hunting SilhouetteRecently I was the speaker at another Wild Game Dinner. The theme of the morning was directed to guys who like to hunt. A few of my followers might ask the question, “Can you be a Christian and be a game hunter?” God’s creation is fearfully and wonderfully made. The Bible tells us that He demonstrates His power and care over creation. In His infinite wisdom He elected to partner with mankind in utilizing these resources. From early on God gave man permission to use game in ceremony as sacrifices for worship (Exodus 20:24; Leviticus 1:5), for clothing (Genesis 3:21), material for the Tabernacle (Exodus 25:5; 26:14), food supply (Genesis 9:3), instruments of divine providence (Jonah 1, 2, 4), and prophetic fulfillment (1 Kings 21:17-19; 22:37, 38).

From the beginning God gave man dominion over the animals. God placed man in a permanent position over His creation and challenged him to enjoy, manage, and properly utilize wildlife “The scientist who collects and catalogs and the child who wanders barefoot through the woods are equally awestruck by the sheer profusion of creatures that populate this planet,”

Despite all the compassionate rhetoric of animal-rights activists, God has not retracted His original authorization found in Genesis 9 which allows for man to hunt and consume game. If God has the power over His creation, then He certainly has the right to determine how the fish and game should be utilized. His permissive will and direct instructions suggest that the taking of game is necessary and appropriate.

Romans 1:20 reminds us not to worship the creation but the Creator. By the way about 80-90 men who wouldn’t otherwise come to church heard about the majesty of the Creator. Several accepted the Lord into their hearts. Thank you Jesus!

~In His Service, Jim Grassi (Founder/President)