Boys go fishing with fishing rods on a rural streetLouise and I have enjoyed a very productive year as I finished five books in sixteen months and a host of ministry engagements. And I even got some good fishing in that revived my passion to continue seeking out more “double digit” fish.

If you are like me you are already putting together some thoughts for your 2015 calendar. I recently contacted a good friend of mine, Steve Babbidge, of the Anglers Inn operation in Mexico. I was curious to learn more about the best time for predictable Big Bass on trophy Lake El Salto. Steve put it this way! “Think about it Jim, the lake is at its lowest level and the fish are concentrated. When you find one Big Bass, you will find plenty of others”.

My last trip to Mexico I caught a 10 lb. and 10 1/2 lb. bass with the guides from Anglers Inn. I’ve written articles on Mexican bass fishing and realize that Hall of Fame Fisherman, Billy Chapman, still has the best program. Check out his websites at and Spend a little time on these sites and you will find answers to most of your questions, lake reports, photos, videos and customer testimonials.

Steve Babbidge tells me the best time to be assured of good weather, BIG FISH, and lots of water time is mid-May through August. This can be a good time for top-water and spinner bait bites. I’m putting together a group of friends who want to join me from Sat May 23 – Wed May 27 for the Memorial Day Special at $1565/angler. Give me a call (208) 660-2550, or email us if you want to be included in our group.

~In His Service, Jim Grassi (Founder/President)