New Year 2015 peaceThe New Year is a time to reflect upon the past and think about a new beginning for the future. God’s grace suggest that we should also provide grace (unmerited favor) with those who have offended us. It doesn’t make sense to focus upon the past, but to view the future with hope and the assurance that comes from God’s word.

If God wanted us to focus upon the past He would have given us eyes in the back of our heads. Take an opportunity to prayerfully consider God’s plan for your future. If you only had a week to live what would you do differently. God wants us to fully appropriate His grace, goodness, mercy, love, peace, power, guidance, obedience, and blessings. Be open to what He wants to do with you today, tomorrow, and this coming year.

~In His Service, Jim Grassi (Founder/President)