Dr. Grassi’s books, messages and events are carefully crafted to be relevant about the issues men face today while clearly communicating the Word of God. His resources are excellent guides for Bible study groups or as a way to empower the men of your church to become disciple-makers.

  • One of the biggest problems facing the American Christian Church is the tremendous decline with males participating in organized church. Over 61% of our pews on Sunday will be filled with women.
  • Upon graduating high school up to 80% of males who attend church will no longer participate in church activities.
  • Dr. Grassi’s Romans 12 Disciple Book Series have been designed specifically for men. Each of his thirteen books clearly communicate the Word of God while being relevant to the issues men face in today’s chaotic world.
  • Two of his books received the Silver Angel Award and one of his books, Guts, Grace and Glory has the coveted Hallmark branding.
  • These books can be used as a study guide, with Bible study groups, or as a way to empower the men of your church.
  • Like his books, his messages are designed to connect with people of various cultures and backgrounds. He has a unique perspective, based on his four decades of ministry experience, outdoor stories, and association with professional sports teams, on how to encourage, equip, educate, and deploy men to serve our Lord.

The Romans 12 – Disciple series is published by Thomas Nelson, a registered trademark of Harper Collins Christian Publishing, Inc.

TheSpiritualMentorBookCover175x263The Spiritual Mentor

There is nothing more fundamental to the Christian faith and to building godly men than discipleship. Authentic discipleship can best be described as spiritual mentoring. At a time when many men are struggling with their faith and church membership is on the decline we must ask ourselves some tough questions. Why are discipleship and mentoring so important to the growth of the church? How does discipleship connect to the struggles men face today? The Spiritual Mentor will explain how men can rescue their faith and how spiritual mentors must play a critical role in bringing the church back to its original purpose.

Building Spiritual Mentoring_FINBuilding a Ministry of Spiritual Mentoring

Men are desperate for meaningful relationships both with God and other men. Building a Ministry of Spiritual Mentoring is as practical as it is theologically sound, and it helps churches and ministry leaders create dynamic environments for men to experience real transformation and develop authentic Christian relationships. This proven method will assist your church or group in effectively developing and deploying a ministry of spiritual mentoring.

More Than Fisherman_FINMore Than a Fisherman

Christ and His disciples impacted the world by modeling discipleship and spiritual mentoring. More Than a Fisherman is a unique book on practical discipleship designed to capture the imagination and hearts of those with a desire to know God and make Him known. As a Hall of Fame fisherman, and an award winning men’s ministry leader, Jim Grassi connects with men by crafting unique anecdotes that help us better understand ancient fishing, the way Christ connected with His followers. More Than a Fisherman builds upon The Spiritual Mentor and Building a Ministry of Spiritual Mentoring as a companion book with exercises and activities men can do together.

Finishing Well_FINFinishing Well, Finishing Strong

Men struggle with identity issues, midlife crises, finances, depression, self-esteem, and defining a life of mission. Finishing Well, Finishing Strong promotes perseverance—not quitting and not giving up. This book will help men know the difference between having worldly success and developing spiritual significance. Finishing Well, Finishing Strong continues down the path of The Spiritual Mentor and More Than a Fisherman and will help motivate, empower, and equip men to better cope with the issues in our chaotic culture that impact personal growth.

TN GutsGraceGlory06.inddGuts, Grace & Glory

Those men who step out onto the field — as players and as coaches — are amongst the toughest of men you will find. Yet, as Character Coach Jim Grassi shows, these gridiron warriors fight the same battles that can cause any person to stumble. Because guts aren’t just needed on the football field; they’re needed for life. Guts, Grace & Glory offers sixty-five devotions based on the stats and stories of some of today’s most famous players and coaches, along with glimpses into great moments from football history.

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